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Autumn news from Chateau Vary

22nd September 2019
Autumn News After a fabulous hot summer, we need some water, with a number of crops having been written off by the farmers. With one weekend of rain since April in the Loire valley region, the grass has suffered and is looking very parched and dry. On the positive side both pools at Chateau Vary are still in use late into September. Running the heating for the indoor pool should ensure

Rejuvenating the gardens

26th July 2019
Six years ago we began working on the gardens at Chateau Vary with the help of Louise Hudson, only to find a halt in proceedings until we started again this year. Louise is coming back this weekend and it will be great to restart this project with her. We have managed to rescue a lot of the hardier plants eg roses. Credit goes to M. Viadie for producing a fantastic display of geraniums

Local visit - Terra Botanica, Angers

21st July 2019
The local attraction Terra Botanica is 25 minutes from Chateau Vary, on the outskirts of the Loire Valley and it was good to revisit and see the development of the gardens since it first opened. We visited with Margot, who's mother Delphine first visited Chateau Vary 25 years ago as a youngster. It is enjoyable for everyone that appreciates gardens and although not a theme park it has a few

Top marks from

10th July 2019
We are delighted to say we have made a flying start this year. While we use a number of booking systems including direct reservations, the recent visitors that we have had from have been extremely satisfied. This has resulted in our current rating with reaching 9.8 out of 104 of the last 5 guests have reviewed 10/10 Refurbishment has been a great hit. One of the targets

Spring Newsletter 2019

18th March 2019
Welcome to the Spring Newsletter. Benedicte and Paul are delighted to welcome you back to Chateau Vary. Preparations are underway to restore Chateau Vary to its former glory and in fact to make some significant improvements. The chateau will undergo various changes, the first of which is to create en suite bedrooms for all guests staying in the chateau. The intention is to make the rooms that give
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