Local visit - Terra Botanica, Angers

21st July 2019 1 min read

The local attraction Terra Botanica is 25 minutes from Chateau Vary, on the outskirts of the Loire Valley and it was good to revisit and see the development of the gardens since it first opened.

We visited with Margot, who's mother Delphine first visited Chateau Vary 25 years ago as a youngster.

It is enjoyable for everyone that appreciates gardens and although not a theme park it has a few rides for children to enjoy.

10,000 Dahlias are impressive as are a number of the other garden features.

At 56€ for a family of four-  if booked ahead online - the visit represents value for money. Typically a visit lasts a day - 5 hours. Lunch can either be bought in on site restaurants or picnic is allowed in a shaded area just outside the entrance gates.

Inside the butterfly house we actually watched a butterfly hatching from a chrysalis, just one of a number of varied indoor visits.

Although visiting during the French school holidays there were no queues and the whole day was relaxing. This is always worth a return visit at different times of the year as the flower displays vary from season to season.

We look forward to returning.

Chateau vary, Loire Valley

Chateau Vary, in the heart of the Loire Valley is an ideal location for visiting Terra Botanica and other local attractions. Why not get in touch to discuss availability.