Lock down news May 2020

9th May 2020 2 min read

Welcome to news from Chateau Vary.

Best wishes to all friends of Chateau Vary. Our thoughts are with everyone in these strange uncertain times.

End of ‘Confinement' for us here in France?

From May 11th Macron has lifted a number of lockdown measures, although a host of uncertainties remain as to how this will pan out. We are getting the place up and ready, and with our separate units it makes it easy for us to enable social distancing.

We are happy to take provisional reservations without deposits and guarantee full refunds, something that we have done for all our unfortunate customers that have so far had to cancel.

With plane flights off the list for many people we hope that French people will consider staying with us. For everyone from the UK don't forget we are just 2 hours from Caen by car with Brittany ferries. So a quick run to Portsmouth and you are almost there. Benedicte has promised to wear a 'gilet jaune' and enforce the distancing - what a safety officer.


It feels as though we have been doing much the same thing for the last 12 months so we were ready for the lockdown. Benedicte has been out shopping half a dozen times in the last 7 weeks, while Paul has ventured out just once. 

Repairs and Renewals

Over 12 months the jobs list has started to diminish, the grounds have been vastly improved clearing years of growth around trees, stockpiling logs for the winter, planting new tress, and cutting up fallen trees.

The indoor pool needed some attention to encourage Benedicte and the Grandma to use it. The new heat pump arrived and since April 1st the temperature has been 31C and fantastic for Paul to have an early morning swim. We are really looking forward to using this during the winter.

As everyone has found, it has been a chance to try new things and so Benedicte has moved on from mole catching to a more creative pastime of vegetable gardening. She has also cleared the chicken house so when we are able to go and find some chickens we should be producing our own eggs.

William helped by clearing the cellar ready for the extensive wine selection we are half way through choosing the selection. This is on hold for the moment but we intend to have a selection of wines from across the Loire Valley. We can't wait to visit the suppliers to check the quality.

Our Next Post will cover the biggest refurbishment of the Chateau in 200 years

The chateau is undergoing the biggest refurbishment in its 200-year history. An exceptional team of plumbers, plasterers, electricians and decorators have been working since January, we have also played our part by removing all the shutters and repairing and painting them.

Below are pictures of the demolition and the next newsletter will show the fantastic results.

A drink and a warm welcome awaits everyone at Chateau Vary.

Stay safe,

Quarantine regards,

Paul & Benedicte