Spring Newsletter 2019

18th March 2019 2 min read

Welcome to the Spring Newsletter.

Benedicte and Paul are delighted to welcome you back to Chateau Vary. Preparations are underway to restore Chateau Vary to its former glory and in fact to make some significant improvements.

The chateau will undergo various changes, the first of which is to create en suite bedrooms for all guests staying in the chateau. The intention is to make the rooms that give the chateau its authenticity - namely the Grand Salon and Terrace - open to everyone that stays either in the chateau or in the cottages. This will mean that the entire accommodation can be hired and used as a venue for weddings, seminars, birthdays etc.

The plans for the chateau mean that the accommodation in the chateau will not be ready until 2020. However the cottages are available for rental and the indoor and outdoor swimming pools are available for the cottage guests.

Easter 2019

Saw a lovely spell of warm sunny weather and a great get together of family and friends that got involved in grass cutting, cleaning, pool maintenance, while the cottages underwent some painting and decorating.

Some sad news..................

For those of you that remember Benedicte's father Papi, the kind gentleman that would call by to practice a few words of broken English, he sadly passed away this Easter. He almost reached 90 and although he had dementia for the last 6 months he would be pleased to see the house and grounds continuing to be enjoyed by his family and their guests. He was always grateful to everyone that visited as it enabled Chateau Vary to continue to thrive unlike many large houses in France that without the National Trust or any aid or incentives, fall into disrepair.

William & Soraya (Farmer wants a wife?)

As one generation moves on the next arrives? William and Soraya doing a good impression of 'Farmer wants a wife' and sharing some grass cutting together. What could be more romantic than that?

Looking forward......................

As mentioned we are delighted to be looking forward with great plans. Some of the elements are badly needed, garages etc but the refurbishment of the Chateau will be an exciting challenge.

As mentioned there will be 7 en suite bedrooms and the creation of some public areas, namely the terrace, grande salon, reception and downstairs some function rooms.

The style of what we do will change little, still a family run business along the lines of what we enjoy doing. The facilities and activities that were developed reflected what we enjoyed doing with our family and friends. We hope with a mix of self catering and chambres d'hôte to have old friends pass by for the odd night right through to total rental of the 32 beds.


We are currently putting together a programme for individuals, couples and groups to enjoy a semi-organised themed week. Bed breakfast and evening meal are provided and wine tasting, historical tours and gentle cycling (including electric bikes) are organised.

Watch this space for dates and details.

Fresh seafood platter