Rejuvenating the gardens

26th July 2019 1 min read

Six years ago we began working on the gardens at Chateau Vary with the help of Louise Hudson, only to find a halt in proceedings until we started again this year.

Louise is coming back this weekend and it will be great to restart this project with her. We have managed to rescue a lot of the hardier plants eg roses.

Credit goes to M. Viadie for producing a fantastic display of geraniums this year. The heat almost did for some of them but with the well for water we had few excuses.

The display down in front of the cottages particularly striking using the tree stumps that sit along the front.

As ever the landscaped trees are the main feature Chateau Vary, stretching into the distance from every viewpoint. This landscaping was started by Benedicte's great-grandfather resulting in sixty foot Magnolias and many other varieties.

Chateau Vary, in the heart of the Loire Valley,  has never had formal gardens and that trend will continue not least through the cost of maintenance. A fantastic group of friends helped get things restarted at Easter and since then it has been a steady process using the small team we have.

Never a shortage of volunteers to drive tractors.

Plenty of other work needing to be done - resurfacing the road, tidying the entry and building steps. 

Delighted to see things taking shape however.

Magnolia in full bloom.

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